A Total Shift In Sales (Stop Selling)

Are You Stuck In The Old Way Of Marketing And Selling?

Okay, we all know that it’s critical to get a constant flow of new “ready to buy” customer to grow your business.

However, marketing and sales have become more complex and the days of simple upgrading your website and spending more money of advertising or dabbling with social media and waiting for the phone to ring to get more sales are long gone…

It’s because how people that interested in your product or service go from finding out about your product or service through to an actual sale has changed dramatically.

But most so-called marketing experts or media agencies themselves don’t understand that shift in sales into the early stage of marketing and keep selling you the general approach to marketing and latest internet trends without an understanding how to generate actual sales.

Sales no longer starts when a potential customer calls or send an email

So, business owners are left scratching their heads if all that internet stuff ever makes a real impact on their BOTTOM LINE.

There’s always a better way!

It’s not all bad news, there is always a better way. As it’s also has never been easier to attract more of your potential customers and engage them from showing an initial interest in your product or service all way through to an actual and sales to repeat business and referral.

Understanding change

It means understanding that 57% of the purchase decision is complete before a customer gets in contact with your business.

But As Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO of Selling Power says:
“The salesperson or business owner is no longer to the provider of information but the supplier of insights to the customer, so we need to shift the start of the sales process to marketing, as the buying process has fundamentally changed and we can not stay with the old way* of selling.”

Don’t miss an opportunity

Understanding that shift in sales how people find out about your product through to an actual sales is the biggest opportunity for business owners today to grow their business exponentially.

Again it’s not about software or the latest social media trends it’s about using a proven marketing to sales system and strategy to consistently increase sales to get more of these “perfect” more profitable customers for your business.

You don’t have to fly blind…

The truth is that most business owners are flying blind when it comes to turning their marketing efforts into sales actual sales.

Are you doing the same old thing when it comes to marketing?

Investing some money on website upgrades, placing ads or dabbling with social media or waiting for referrals will only give them a small increase in sales and start what their competitor do or worse or spending money on ads because they get a call from media agency selling them editorial ads which rarely reach their potential customers.

The great news is that you no longer have to “wait for the phone to ring” as you can now target your “ideal customer” very early in their decision-making stage to OPEN that “sales conversion” as part of your marketing strategy and generate pre-qualified customers enquiries on demand 24/7.

Having a predictable marketing to sales systems in your business will change everything. You no longer have to worry about upcoming sales, your team will receive a constant stream of pre-qualified customer enquiries, close more sales and focus on what they do best. It’s a bit like having 2 or 3 extra salespeople on your team that do all the prospecting for you so you grow your business where and when you want too.

With a new sales-focused approach to marketing you will understand how your marketing efforts turn into actual sales down to the dollar and day.

Again it’s not about software or the latest social media trends it’s about developing a marketing to sales system to streamline business processes to increase sales and save valuable company time.

As mentioned previously, sales nowadays starts WAY before a customer picks up the phone. It’s all about using the right strategy and correct system to position yourself as the expert during the customer’s decision making phase.

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