Sales On Demand

We help small business owners increase their customer enquiries and sales by using integrated marketing and sales strategies.

Receive More Targeted 
Sales Leads Within Days

Implement a proven, reliable and repeatable leads system designed to generate predictable leads for your business virtually on autopilot.

Empower Your Team, 
& Improve Productivity

Help your staff to reduce distractions and simplify workflows to increase productivity, raise job satisfaction and become more enthusiastic about your business’s future.

Develop a Unique Sales 
Process & Increase Profit

Combines the best in advanced, audience targeting, automated lead generation, and sales automation for faster, predictable, and manageable growth – with less effort.

“Get Measured Results For Your Marketing Efforts, Networking, Referrals & Years of Building Your Business.”

Scale Your Business the Right Way

Transform Your Business to Become Leaner, Faster & Profitable

When you you experience an increase in leads and sales, you’re just getting started…

You will be able to optimise your sales funnel, so your results improve even further, and you stay ahead of your competitors for years to come and continue making steady increases that your business can handle.

With a proven marketing and sales system, EVERYTHING CHANGES — you’ll have less hassle, higher profits, consistent business growth, and well-trained staff. And ultimately you’ll have more time to focus on selling more of your high-value product or services.

Martin Sumetzberger
Founder, Next Level Sales


My mission has not changed since starting Next Level in 1997.

“I help small business owners make their business more scalable to increase revenue without adding complexity to their business.”

What’s our secret?

Our system and strategies are proven to work for businesses selling high-ticket products or services.

We create 1000’s of leads every month and help generate millions in extra sales for our clients every year.

We help simplify marketing , sales and daily business operations to increase productivity and profit.

We have 23+ years of experience working with over 200 small business owners to help with business analytics, advertising, web development, software development, sales business process development, sales and integration of cloud-based technologies.

But most importantly, we are committed and passionate to helping you make your business more scalable, increase your revenue and create more flexibility so you can grow your business when and how you choose too.

What our clients say

“It’s like someone turned on a big switch.”

I’m excited that the new system that you’ve developed, enables us to better target existing and new customers. I’ve also noticed a large increase in calls and email enquiries since the direct marketing system was launched.
Mark McKenzie
Timbers of New Zealand

“Next Level has turned around our business.”

We started to receive quote requests within hours of launching their system. Just in the first couple weeks, we received 10 times the enquiries we received from other advertising agencies. I would recommend Next Level to any company that is looking for better ways to increase their sales. Next Level is in contact with us regularly to further improve our lead generation and sales conversion.
Stu Hammar
Window Innovation

“Next Level has helped us to achieve good sales growth”

“Martin takes a commercial focus on how to use website and digital marketing to drive more customers to the website and call them to action to increase sales. I recommend him to anyone wanting to do the same.”
Rodney McVicar


Integrated Online Marketing, Lead Generation and Sales Conversion Optimisation.

In 2020, paying for ‘more traffic’ or a ‘website makeover’ and expecting sales to magically increase just doesn’t make sense. What it really takes to outsmart your competition is a SYSTEM designed to produce better quality, highly targeted leads – and convert them into sales.











Who do we work with?

We are working with businesses that are selling high-ticket products or services that are committed to increasing sales and ready to take a more systemised approach to their business. Our clients want to free-up more time to focus on growing the company beyond waiting for referrals, complex business processes and “hope” marketing and sales.

Are you ready to turn around your business?